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We are absolutely passionate about health and wellness, and that is what fuels our ongoing mission to help you and your animals feel as good as possible. It's also why we are eternal students, constantly learning and seeking out new and improved ways to maximize healing and wellness. Since 2013, Stable Wellness has been working closely with our valued customers to provide exactly what is needed to help them live healthier, feel better, and accomplish goals. We take pride in taking the time to understand what each individual needs in order to reach and maintain wellness. That’s why so many of our clients become regulars, and we continue to grow and expand year after year. We sincerely care about your well-being and very much appreciate the trust that is placed in us to participate in caring for yourself and your animal family.


Dr. Sandra Harvey, Chiropractor

Dr. Sandra Harvey has been a lifelong animal lover. Growing up around dogs and horses on a small hobby farm in rural Pennsylvania, she always knew she wanted to work with animals. After an accident lead her to Chiropractic and changed her life forever, she decided that was her destiny. After graduating from Logan College of Chiropractic with a Doctorate in Chiropractic, she attended Options for Animals for her Animal Chiropractic Training. Knowing there is never enough learned, she went on to receive her Masters in Nutrition from Logan College of Chiropractic and also has received certification and specialized training in physical therapy, cold laser therapy, kinesiology taping, equine nutrition, shockwave therapy, saddle fitting, Reiki, rehabilitation trainings, myofascial release technique, fascial adhesion treatment, and Animal Osteopathy. With all of her collective knowledge and experience she saw what was lacking in many treatments and formulated her own specialized protocol trademarked as Movement Enhancing Body Work. She now brings all of her knowledge and experience to every appointment and has been blessed to share her technique with others to help even more animals.

Jenny Faye Grace,
Animal Wellness Practitioner

Jenny Faye's wellness journey began in 2011 when her heart horse Harley was diagnosed with PSSM, a genetic muscle disease managed with diet and exercise. This led down a rabbit hole of studying nutrition, nutraceuticals, physical therapies, and the like that ultimately transformed not just Harley's life, but Jenny's, too. Having seen what Jenny was doing with animals and wellness already, and knowing how perfectly their philosophies aligned, Dr. Sandra approached Jenny in early 2020 about teaming up to be able to do more for more animals. Dr. Sandra personally trained Jenny one-on-one in Movement Enhancing Body Work, and Jenny absolutely loves seeing the results from it in the animals she works on. Her life's purpose is to help people learn how to maximize wellness for themselves and their animals and provide solutions for the challenges they face along the way.

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