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Back Massage

We originally developed this blend for Harley, Jenny's horse and one of Stable Wellness's toughest patients! Harley has PSSM (a genetic muscle disease) and chronic Lyme disease, so sometimes the knots and tightness in her muscles would make it impossible to do any effective bodywork on her. We needed something to help make her muscles more cooperative. After trying several commercially available products that didn't get the mission accomplished, Jenny started playing around with different essential oil recipes until we found this magic mix! It works SO well for Harley that we started carrying it with us when we work to use on other animals, and Harley isn't the only one who loves it! (And we use it on ourselves, as well! The roller bottles are better for human use than animal.) By popular request, it is now available for purchase in both spray bottles and roller bottles.

10 ml roller bottle - $10   
2 oz spray bottle - $25
4 oz spray bottle - $50

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